Commission work involves distinctive and important steps:


1- You start with a vision: 


You know... the ''OH MY GOD'' moment.

That flash of lightning going through your head when you think ''Oh man I have an idea for a piece of terrain and it needs to be in my gaming group/ gaming room NAOW!''


2- You have a ''Yeah, right'' moment:


You think this is going to be way too expensive, hard, etc. Don't get discouraged! Commission work means talking to a human, which also means taking arrangements. Once you get past this stage, meet me at Number 3.


3- You contact various commissioners:


You browse the artists' portfolios, check out the style you would like, because each artist has his or her own style and technique. Talking with them will give you an idea of each artist's personality and also, most importantly, a mesure of your mutual affinities. Your vision will be evaluated, examined and even challenged by the artists. There needs to be a connection or it will be an excrutiating trip indeed.


Various ideas will be discussed at this step and estimates of pricing will be given. Note these are never final and are subject to change, higher or lower depending on the work involved. Some artists will charge to discuss the ideas, some will charge for designing or sketches. Pricing methods will differ between artists, either by size, level of detail or hourly wage. Note shipping is usually on top of the estimate.


4- Pricing estimates:


Let's get this more serious by talking numbers:


- There is no charge for design and sketches, we do this together. Team work!

- There are different levels of details we can go for. Really depends on what you need. 

- Once we agree on an estimate, half is asked up front.

- Shipping is charged on top when the work is completed. It is simply added on top of the remaining half left to be paid.


I have a comprehensive Level of Detail (LoD) range of prices starting at $50 CAN per Sq. Foot. We determine together  what level you want to reach and thus the amount of work needed. We also need to discuss the time frame. A very tight timeframe might mean a higher rate because of the rush.


5- You hire me!


Oh snap! Exciting!!! Let's get this project rolling, amirite?!


Now, be at ease, you will get many updates. Pics and videos will be sent to you at various stages of production, to make sure we are always going in the right direction. This becomes my project as much as yours so it is with great passion that I will make it happen.


6- The project is done!



Shipped through Canada Post, we choose the best shipping method for you and get it rolling as fast as the laws of physics (and labor laws) permit!


Note: If shipping is rough and (heaven forbid!) damage happens to your piece, repair assistance will be provided in any way deemed necessary, either through tutorials or in extreme cases replacement. Point is, should something happen, we will discuss and find a solution that is satisfying for both parties.


Here are some of the pieces I made in the past:

Ruined Inquisitorial Tower (Used as a Display Board for a 40k Tzeench army)

Rogue Trader Command Bridge (Used for various campaigns and events)

Carabean 18th Century inspired Fort (used for Blood and Plunder)